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THE LONGEST COME BACK - but the Squeaking Noodle is coming back!

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YIKES! The Squeaking Noodle is coming back!

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Squeaking Noodle has left the building!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Writing: Need a Break? Here's Your Excuse to Down Tools!

There's nothing like a bit of deadpan humour on Tuesday!

Here's a great google vid of Steven Wright. He's a funny, funny man! Good excuse not to do some work for a few minutes.

For more info check out Steven Wright's website.

The Squeaking Noodle Competion: We Have a Winner!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to take part in The Squeaking Noodle Competition to win a hard back copy of A SPOT OF BOTHER by Mark Haddon. It was a tough choice, but we have a winner.
Well done Brenda Oig. The book is in the post to you.
For more info on the book please see this earlier post Great Read: A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon.
See you all soon and keep the emails and questions coming in. The Squeaking Noodle will be giving away more of its favourite books in the run up to Christmas.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Would the person who admitted to just wearing TIGHTIE WHITIES or KNICKERS in The Squeaking Noodle Poll: Working From Home? The Truth - You're Wearing... please step forward.

At last, we have one writer, working from home, brave enough to admit that they work in their pants. Good for you!

Come on who are you? The Squeaking Noodle would like to introduce you to everyone else - as for the 'look what the cat's dragged in' pollsters...I won't tell if you don't.

To the brave TIGHTIE WHITIE OR KNICKER wearer - email the Squeaking Noodle a pic to post and you'll win a night out for one at MacDonald's - courtesy of the noodle.

Online Publishing: Ready, Steady - GO!

(Sorry, if you saw this post six times - it all went a bit wobbly jelly.)

Okay, I'll admit it - I like the name Trip Adler, it should be a character's name in your next book, but what I like even more, is that here's someone, who is actively encouraging people to publish online.

It's easy to forget that writing isn't all about freelancing or getting book deals, it's also about people doing what they're compelled to do. We can scoff and many do, but come on - let's admire anyone who does what they love.

NOTE: Don't go on and on about it when I'm around, but do it! I like anyone who is passionate about what they do and I don't care if it's manually sorting chopped liver on an assembly line or writing TV sitcoms. Find what you love and the rest will follow - mental rest that is.

Moving along - John Trip Adler from Harvard, no less, has set up this very professional looking site Trip's Online Site / Name to Follow- the techie side is all a bit over my noodle, but do check it out. Trip has come up with an online space where you can publish your work. It's still new and we don't want to abuse this fledgling site, but do go over have a look; if you think it's for you, drop Trip an email.

I like it - I think it's clean, easy to use, a good idea and void of all that advertising rubbish.

Good luck Trip!

Doesn't anyone want a FREE book? A few more days left for The Squeaking Noodle Competition - see post below. Thanks for all the enquiries about contributing to the Squeak of the Week - keep them coming.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Don't Forget The Squeaking Noodle Competition

Just a quick reminder to have a go at The Squeaking Noodle Competition to win a free hard back copy of A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon. Good luck!


SQUEAK OF THE WEEK: Fiction Writing Ain’t Rocket Science! By Nadine Laman.

Want to know what it's like writing fiction?
Get reading - this is great advice from author Nadine Laman. With two books under her literary belt - Kathryn's Beach and High Tide, and more on the way, this Californian author has every right to be 'eternally optimistic that we can have a better world'.

Please email The Squeaking Noodle if you would like to be the next SQUEAK OF THE WEEK. The chosen guest blogger will be informed by email.

Fiction Writing Ain’t Rocket Science!
By Guest Blogger Nadine Laman.

What’s the trick to writing fiction? There is no trick. There is no magic formula, which everyone else knows, and you don’t. There wasn’t a memo sent out, there is no secret decoder ring, no muse (I hate that word), or anything else, everyone is selling to writers.

Here is how it works. An idea comes, a sentence maybe, an image of a scene or a scene opening. Sit down and write it out. Don’t think about it. Don’t go on a forum and spend days “talking” about writing. Don’t write out the whole outline – this is fiction!

Sure there is work and preparations to be made for nonfiction, but in fiction, it is as simple as sitting down and starting to type. Don’t believe me? Watch Finding Forrester (Columbia Pictures © 2000) - if Sean Connery said it, it has to be true!

Sit down and write. That’s it. Write the scene that unfolds in your mind. Otherwise, the writing is stilted and has a forced feel to it – who wants to read something like that? The ideas and freshness, the ease of the story unfolding, are all lost in writing an outline. Save all that for your MFA class. Outlines make professors happy. Forget it in real life writing, though. It messes up the pacing and the natural arcs in the story line. Trust me on this - I’ve watched Finding Forrester!

I cranked out my first 80,000-word novel in twenty-one days, just writing a couple of hours a night. Fiction is story telling. The writer’s job is just to write it down. After the first draft is written, then you can sit down with all the writing books on your shelf and tweak it. Just don’t mess with it too much or it will be dry as a bone.

Here’s what I do, not that anyone has to do what I do, I write the first draft without looking back. I don’t edit or look back at anything, until the entire draft is written, which might be why I get them done so quickly – so I can go look at it again. Then, start from the beginning, read through and fix things; cut the rambling, tighten the prose, make sense of the dialogue – leaving in the dialogue tags until it can stand on its own.

Next, send it out to a couple of willing pre-readers. The last thing pre-readers should say is that it is “masterful.” Their job is to point out the parts, that aren’t masterful. When they send back comments or questions, consider each one very carefully. Don’t defend the writing or argue with the pre-readers (they did you a favor), consider whether the comments lead to an improvement.

I don’t always make the changes they suggest; usually the problem is bigger than they think. Sometime the whole “masterful” paragraph has to be cut. It stinks and their polite suggestions aren’t going to fix it. This isn’t about a writer’s ego, this is about writing your best book.

I often read the whole manuscript out loud in a week’s time. Stopping only to underline or star something to revisit. (Print drafts on the back of used paper.) Once I make all the changes and enhancements, then off to the editor. Since I’m dyslexic, this is a necessary step for my work. So, there it is – something to shop to the industry. Write your best book!
(Thanks for sharing the wisdom Nadine!)

Feel free to Email Nadine Laman or pop along to her website Nadine Laman Books

Here's what Amazon readers had to say about Kathryn's Beach by Nadine Laman.

More from The Squeaking Noodle on writing: Writing a Book - In One Hit!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Books Glorious Books!

Journalist and Author Carleen Brice emailed the noodle this morning and has kindly offered Squeaking Noodle readers the following:

"First person to pop over to the Pajama Gardener and tell me you heard about it at the Squeaking Noodle gets a free copy of Age Ain't Nothing but a Number."
(The Pajama Gardener)
For more info see yesterday's post below.
Thanks Carleen!

Don't forget The Squeaking Noodle Competition to win A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon.

Many of you have already started taking part in the competition - thanks for taking the time, and yes I should be giving away a shelf. I know - giving away a free book to writers is like giving free fish to fishermen (you know who you are).
Good luck - will post best entries next Monday together with the Winner!